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Why Seaquist + Partners?

What Sets Seaquist + Partners Above the Rest?

We Give You Options.

Seaquist + Partners is a boutique forensic and litigation support firm in Toronto that combines litigation accounting and actuarial services under one roof.

We Give You Expertise.

Our team has decades of litigation support experience. Whether it’s consulting on a case, evaluating opposing reports, or presenting before the courts, we provide credible testimony in language the courts can understand.

We Give You Our Name.

Trust is the most important factor in any legal proceeding. Seaquist + Partners is recognized in Ontario and across Canada as a knowledgeable, professional, and trustworthy firm.

We Give You Our Skills.

Understanding damages quantification is one thing. Communicating often complex financial matters during court proceedings is quite another. Seaquist + Partners takes complex financial information and breaks it down into easy-to-understand concepts.

We Give You Expert Testimony.

The way your financial forensic team performs while giving testimony is crucial to your success. We provide clarity and credibility in our expert witness testimony, including under cross-examination.

We Give You Unbiased Reporting, Whether You Represent the Plaintiff or the Defence.

We provide independent reviews and reports that are factual and accurate, no matter which side of the proceedings you are on. The courts trust Seaquist + Partners for our unbiased reporting.

We Give You Personalized Services.

Our boutique firm works with a small number of select clients at a time so that we can give you our absolute focus. For particularly complex cases, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that we’re available for questions and support outside of regular business hours, too.

We Give You Virtual Services.

Seaquist + Partners uses the latest communication tools such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams to provide “face-to-face” meetings. When in-person meetings are crucial, we can easily meet anywhere in the GTA, and the rest of Ontario and Canada is just a car or plane ride away.

We Give You Easy-to-Work-With Professionalism.

We are accounting and actuarial experts, but we are also people persons. That’s important when it comes to providing you with friendly, personalized service. And as you know, likeability is also important during expert witness testimony.

We Give You 100% Canadian Services.

Our boutique firm is owned and operated by our partners right here in Toronto, working with firms across Canada. With decades of experience in litigation support, we understand exactly what financial information is needed to win your cases.

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