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Bob LaBrecque

Robert LaBrecque

Owner | Align Case Management
  • 519-890-9763
  • 45 St. Clair Ave. W., Suite 200, Toronto, ON M4V 1K6

Robert (Bob) LaBrecque spent 35 years in the rehabilitation field before founding his own firm, Align Case Management, in 2019. Bob’s passion is to help individuals overcome challenges as they try to meet their potential – particularly in cases in which those challenges are due to circumstances beyond their control. He works with law firms across Canada that specialize in Personal Injury (MVA, slip and fall, LTD, and medical malpractice cases), Commercial Litigation, and/or Family Law.

Through Align, Bob provides a variety of services for the legal community. These include task assignment, client/case management, file review and research, interviewing clients and potential witnesses including expert witnesses, and service coordination. He also specializes in arranging gap financing for people in cases still winding through the court system. Bob helps ensure they have the financial, medical, and other supports they need during one of the most difficult times of their lives. His invaluable assistance ensures clients are supported throughout the action so that the lawyers can focus on what they do best: pursuing the legal work and developing their case.

Bob’s mission to help others does not end at the office door. Since the 1980s, Bob and his wife Cindy have been foster parents for the Children’s Aid Society. They provide a safe and nurturing environment for children on short- and long-term bases, including for children with special needs.

Seaquist + Partners formed a strategic alliance with Align Case Management in 2021. Through Align, Seaquist can now offer case management and related services to its law firm clients – as well as specialized financial services and other supports for theirs.

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