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Family Law

Family Law

Family law requires a level of sensitivity that few other areas of law do. Personal feelings can greatly affect the outcome of a case, especially when it comes to disputes over finances. On top of that, often one or both parties don’t fully understand their assets, either owned separately or jointly. That can lead to even more confusion, misunderstandings, and hurt feelings.

Other complications include situations in which one or both own their own business and/or have business partners, and when one spouse tries to hide assets. Having a trusted financial litigation expert on your side will allow you to cut through the confusion to determine the true Net Family Property.

The litigation accountants and actuaries at Seaquist + Partners can help.

We will sort through all the financial details for you, no matter how complex. Our accounting and actuarial experts are able to drill down to the truth to give you, your clients, and the courts a clear financial picture. And, we have the ability to explain it in a way that everyone will understand.

Not only do we make your job easier, we help you build a stronger case for your clients.

Seaquist + Partners for Expert Family Law Litigation Support

Seaquist + Partners provides a wide range of family law litigation support services including:

Determining Net Family Property (including those related to any associated businesses)
Forensic accounting including finding hidden assets
Evaluating and critiquing opposing Net Family Property and other financial reports including finding strengths and weaknesses
Determining fair spousal and child support
Preparing and presenting easy-to-understand reports
Meeting with your clients as needed to explain findings and answer questions
Providing expert witness testimony
Assisting with cross-examination strategies of opposing experts

We provide these services in a way that is sensitive to your clients’ needs and emotions, making your job easier in the process.

Seaquist + Partners also provides certain non-litigation support services including case management and help arranging financing for Family Law clients, so you don’t have to look elsewhere.


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Personalized services sensitive to your clients’ needs, reliable and credible reports that are easy to understand, and extensive experience providing expert witness testimony when necessary. Contact Seaquist + Partners to find out how our family law litigation services can help you. You can also read more about our outstanding team of litigation experts.