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Expert Witness Testimony

Expert Witness Testimony

Expert witness testimony can be the crucial linchpin in any case that goes to court. As you well know, juries in particular can be unpredictable, and their decisions often turn on the testimony of just one expert. That’s why it’s so important to ensure the experts you bring in are credible, likeable, and above reproach.

Seaquist + Partners has significant experience presenting evidence through expert witness testimony. We have a knack for explaining complex financial details in easy-to-understand language. We are confident and authoritative on the stand, answering questions during cross-examination with the same calm demeanour. The result is expert witness testimony that comes across as trustworthy and eminently credible.

It’s worth mentioning too that we are also known and respected for our independent, unbiased reporting. Seaquist + Partners gives you our name and reputation along with our expert services.

Behind-the-Scenes Litigation Support Services

Seaquist + Partners also provides a number of behind-the-scenes litigation support services to help you and your team build your case. These include:

Critiquing opposing experts reports including identifying weaknesses and strengths
Anticipating opposing counsel’s view of our weaknesses and strengths, and providing credible explanations
Consulting during cross-examination prep for opposing experts
Specialization in personal injury, medical malpractice, wrongful death and commercial litigation,
Forensic accounting
Damages quantification

…and more. We tailor a package of customized litigation support services to provide you with the expert assistance you need to build and win cases.


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