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Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation

Seaquist + Partners specializes in commercial litigation support services to help you strengthen your case. Our litigation accountants and actuaries can assess any situation to provide you and your clients with a clearer idea of financials.

We are particularly effective in complex cases in which damages income and assets are far from clear – including cases involving fraud, hidden income and assets, and other irregularities. We also provide expert critiques of opposing reports, pointing out their strengths and weakness as you build your case. And, when necessary, we provide concise, easy-to-understand expert witness testimony.

Seaquist + Partners provides full litigation support including:

Forensic accounting
Damages and loss quantification
Review and assessment of opposing reports including highlighting strengths and weaknesses
Fair, unbiased financial assessments
Case management and related services
Expert witness testimony

Not only can we find the truth, we can also effectively communicate results in language that is easy for you, your clients, and the courts to understand. That includes highlighting the most relevant information and discussing the implications in detail. You’ll be better prepared and the courts will have a greater understanding of the truth should we be called to give testimony.

Seaquist + Partners Gives You the Edge in Your Most Crucial Commercial Litigation Cases

Seaquist + Partners can help at every step of your case from determining present values and damages quantification to trial preparation and expert witness testimony. Our commercial litigation support team can give you everything you need to strengthen your case for the best possible outcomes.

And, thanks to our reputation for unbiased independent reporting, the courts know Seaquist + Partners to be a respected and trustworthy firm. You’ll have our name and reputation on your side during negotiations and, if necessary, before the courts. Our commitment to independent reporting allows us to work for either the plaintiff or the defence in any civil or criminal cases.

Personalized service, experienced litigation support experts, and a name and reputation that stands beside you. Find out how our team can help you in your next commercial litigation case.


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