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Seaquist + Partners Seaquist + Partners offers the forensic accounting and actuarial services you need, all under one roof.
And all under one trusted name.
Why Seaquist + Partners?
Seaquist + Partners Seaquist + Partners gives you the edge in your most crucial cases when every edge counts.
Case after case after case.
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A Unique Approach to Litigation Support and Damages Quantification...

For decades, law firms have had to answer one particular question when hiring a damages quantification expert: do we need a forensic accountant or an actuary?

Seaquist + Partners gives you both.

We launched our boutique firm in 2021 because we saw an opportunity to streamline litigation support services. Our partners and staff are all high-performing professionals working in different areas of litigation support. That means we can provide you with the forensic accounting and actuarial services you need, all under one roof.

...And All Under One Name

Name recognition can help establish trust with a court or tribunal. With Seaquist + Partners, not only do you get our exceptional damages quantification and litigation support services, we back up your case with our name and reputation. All partners in our firm have outstanding reputations in Ontario and across Canada for independent, unbiased work. Our professionalism, attention to detail, and ability to communicate our findings clearly make us one of the premier litigation support teams in the country. We give you the edge in your most crucial cases when every edge counts.

Whether your litigation support needs include expert witness testimony and damages quantification services or behind-the-scenes consultation, Seaquist + Partners will provide you with the experienced, credible expert services you need to make your case.

Case after case after case.

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We strive to provide high-level litigation support services for law firms and insurance companies. Based on these testimonials, we’ve succeeded.

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    Seaquist + Partners

    is a boutique litigation support firm specializing in several key areas of law including Personal Injury + Wrongful Death and Commercial Litigation. What makes us unique in Toronto is that we are a cross-disciplinary firm combining both litigation accountants and actuaries under one roof. Not only will your legal team benefit from our decades of expertise, you’ll also have our name and reputation behind you during negotiations and in court. Litigation, damages quantification, and expert witness testimony services for Toronto + Ontario + Canada.